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Woodworking has always been a means of creativity and expression for me. I have gained great inspiration from living in some very unique and beautiful places of this world. From the pristine shores of Indonesia to the majestic woods of the Northwest Pacific.  Over time, I have aimed to inspire others to bring the presence of nature into their homes by way of my art.


Epoxy/resin river tables, unique light fixtures, furnishings, cutting boards, shelving, cabinets, custom knives are some examples of things I like to create.  I have been spending a lot of time honing in on creating "River Tables". These tables feature hand selected reclaimed or live edge wood. Pigmented resin creates a "river-like" illusion flowing through the center of the table.  These luminous tables require many hours of detailed wood refinery skills and a true passion for woodworking.

I am very excited to create my next project for you and your home and look forward to the opportunity to do so!

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